710 Stone & Marble Kit (Fast Adhesive)

Stone & Marble Kit (Fast Adhesive)

STONEKIT ADHESIVE is an adhesive set consisting of high viscosity cyanoacrylate and activator, which is developed especially for bonding materials such as natural stone, marble, granite and decorative stones.


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Product Description

Stone & Marble Kit (Fast Adhesive)


  • Ability to bond rapidly in seconds,
  • High bonding power
  • Thanks to its high viscosity formula, it can be used in vertical places without pour and splash,
  • Activator makes it possible and incredibly fast to bond even porous surfaces,


  • Utilized in assembly and repairs of parts such as natural stone, marble, granite, wood, MDF and metal,
  • Preferred especially in the applications which require rapid curing.


S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
GA062 710 200ml+ Gw.65gr 24


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